Welcome to Arcaden “the Arcade”.

Arcaden, in Swedish, is what I would love to refer afqmhub.com as an arcade. During our humble beginning almost 2 years ago, this site is used more as the “training ground” for website creation, ideas etc. It just a year ago the decision made to host a video games niche site.

The earlier aim is to take this site forwards in more accomplished style and keep evolving with ideas and overall development. Only until now, the decision is made to be more focus on certain direction.

While we are still very much in early video games niche, this time around there will more emphasis on electronics stuff related to video games. This time around Arcaden will be coming with something different that we never reached before.

Mission statement since the beginning is to help people with tips, guide, information, quality best and cheapest products around to make every visitor feels at home when coming to Arcaden.

This website is owned by AFQM Enterprise under its aspiration of bringing together afqm.biz services to the global audience.

Our latest site coordination is to offer audience more than before. We are re-purpose our site apart from blogging useful content on gaming world with guide etc., we also to bring together online free flash games and useful video gaming electronics product altogether,

Arcaden Purpose And Goal

Our purpose, to provide a more comprehensive report, guide, information, tips, and best products review to the audience. We might be taking some time tinkering the best method possible for the presentation of the ultimate source.

In doing so, with this latest site evolvement, recent development could help us fulfilling the aspiration to helping the audience, people, and fans of what we are projecting now to another level.

Our goal is to strive further and keep evolving, not to forget developing further.

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